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My name is Amelia Davis. I am currently based in Tacoma, Washington though originally from the rolling hills of northern Vermont.

I am curious about the endless connections and patterns in our ecosystems and how the humans of the planet can learn from this throughout every aspect of life. 

My love for functional art comes from a dedication to make thoughtful artwork- pieces that are practical and serve a purpose beyond their aesthetic. I am just as engaged in the process of making as much as the material outcome. My work arises from slowing down, sinking into the heart and breath, and engaging with the tools, materials, and creative process in front of me.

One of my goals as a potter is to join the agricultural revolution in the sense of reawakening awareness around what we put into our body. While I am at the wheel throwing a bowl or cup, I imagine the bright orange butternut squash soup it may hold or how the soft light reflects upon my morning mug of tea. I believe that filling cabinets with well-loved wares inspires us to fill those vessels with well-loved nourishment.


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